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Sala 4-005

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Palestrante: Jacob Eldering (Pós-Doutorando do ICMC)


Nonholonomic dynamics is a principle to extend Lagrangian mechanics to incorporate constraints on velocities, for example a car whose wheels can only roll, but not slip sideways. Such `no slipping' constraints often show up in mechanical systems and it is natural to think of them as enforced by contact friction forces. Physically, one can view this slipping as being prevented by a strong contact friction force, which could be overcome when the force is smaller, for example on an icy road surface.

I will first review Lagrangian mechanics and introduce the principle of nonholonomic dynamics. Then I will show how this intuitive idea can be made rigorous by studying the limit of infinite friction forces. I use the Chaplygin sleigh (that also models a shopping cart) as example system to illustrate this.


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