Research lines:

  • Algebraic invariants for homotopy and concordance of links
  • Analytic, Whitehead and Reidemeister torsions for manifolds and for singular manifolds
  • Applications of game theory to general topology
  • Bordism, equivariant bordism and cobordism of manifolds
  • Borsuk-Ulam type theorems
  • Cellular decomposition and group resolutions
  • Classification of group actions on manifolds and associated dynamical systems
  • Fibrations, vector bundles and gauge theory
  • Foliations
  • Geometry and topology of submanifolds in euclidean spaces and of surfaces in homogeneous manifolds
  • Homotopy and simple homotopy theory
  • Homotopy and topology of mapping spaces
  • Immersions and embeddings between manifolds
  • Knots, links and braid theories
  • Properties of coverings; techniques to obtain weaker topologies; theory of games
  • Root, fixed point, coincidence and G-coincidence theories
  • Topology of manifolds

Topology Laboratory



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