Brazil is known internationally for its cultural diversity, joining together various peoples and cultures, giving rise to the unique being that is Brazilian.

Precisely because of this, some habits can be considered strange for foreigners who visit us. For this reason, we have made a list of some habits and customs of the day-to-day lives of Brazilians, so you will feel more at ease with our culture.

  1. Hygiene Habits: Brazil is a tropical country of indigenous descent, which according to historians explains most of our hygiene habits. You will notice that Brazilians have a shower every day, sometimes even more than one, depending on the heat. Just as they also have the habit of brushing their teeth after the main meals of the day, although it is in the context of the work environment.
  2. Bathrooms: You will notice that in the toilets, there will always be a wastepaper basket to collect the toilet paper. This is because the pipes used in the constructions and the water treatment system are not suitable for disposing of toilet paper directly in the toilets.
  3. Greetings: It is common to hear that Brazilians are very receptive to foreigners. Brazilians are used to greeting people with handshakes, hugs and kisses on the cheek, with variations depending on the more formal or informal context and also the region of the country.
  4.  Punctuality: Brazilian punctuality is not exactly Swiss punctuality. In work situations, the schedules are usually respected, however there is a tolerance of a few minutes for the beginning of meetings. In social situations, longer delays are tolerated.
  5. Accents and regional expressions: The official language of Brazil is Portuguese, but because it is a vast country, it is common to use different expressions for the same words. You can have fun discovering that mandioca (cassava) can also be called aipim or macaxeira.
  6. Food and beverages: We have a wide range of typical food and drinks, among them the famous caipirinha. But do not forget to also try coxinhas (shredded chicken, covered in batter, molded into a shape resembling a chicken leg), brigadeiros (chocolate truffles), pão de queijo (cheese bread), carne seca (dried meat), feijoada (pork stew), rice & beans, fruits such as açaí, guava, cashew, jackfruit, mangoes, sugarcane juice, cachaça, cold lager and our coffee.
  7. Calling people by first name or nicknames: It is very common to call people by their first name even in a formal context of interaction, as in the academic environment, except when the context requires that the surname be used. In an informal context, we also use nicknames.
  8. Final considerations: Internationally Brazil is well-known for Football and Carnival, but you may be surprised to meet Brazilians who do not like either. We also have several national, state and municipal holidays, which means that we have some days off, including in the Public Service. You can get to know the wonderful beaches of the Northeast, as well as enjoy the cold weather in the South of Brazil.



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